Spotted on design-milk, this cute, small cardboard house is the perfect “tool” for cats to scratch, replacing successfully the ugly massive scratching posts (or your furniture). It’s subtle and suitable for any feline, being made from 90% recycled material (48 layers of duofold cardboard). Cats are fond of scratching, we all know that. The best thing to do to keep your cat happy and your furniture untouched is to combine the two “loves” your cat has: cardboard boxes and scratching. Krabhuis is something your cat will end up loving. Why? Because it brings together these elements, mentioned above.

Krabhuis (stands for scratch house in Dutch) was designed by three architects from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It comes fully assembled, you don’t have to waste time and energy to figure out how it works. “Krabhuis was designed like a child would draw a house, complete with window and chimney. The measurements are 38 x 34 x 52 centimer. Your cat may enter through one of the sides that’s left open, may sharpen it’s nails on the roof and through the window your cat may look outside.”