Inside and out, the 604 Acacia House designed by Brandon Architects in Corona Dl Mar, California, USA, inspires a lavish way of living. The street facade is surprisingly open, with plenty of windows and just a picturesque wooden fence marking the property border. The two-level building displays a variety of eye-catching symmetries, in both architectural elements and materials employed. Its modern geometry culminates with a flat roof, surrounded by white flower pots, which are visible from the street side. These unexpected elements were cleverly blended in the design personality of the villa and can be enjoyed up-close by the inhabitants.

The roof terrace is probably the most striking element of the residence, offering a unique spot for relaxation. Interior design abolishes the sobriety of the minimalist style, replacing it with an array of materials and textures with a powerful welcoming factor. This contemporary home is filled with personality, a feature that weighs more to us than the opulence it displays.