At a first glance, one may not perceive that this unconventional table sits on four (rather scary) axe-legs. However, according to the designers at Duffy London, you won’t need to be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf with the Woodsman Axe Coffee Table. Created for an exhibition, this table is based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

The solid hickory axes are specially imported from the USA, then polished to a mirror shine. To us, the originality of the design does not make up for the fact that its mere presence is startling. In other words, we truly appreciate the creativity behind it, would love to see it live at a furniture fair, but the idea of seeing it in someone’s home is… intriguing. The Grimm Brothers-inspired coffee table has a price tag of  £2495.00, which just adds up to the design’s list of extravagant features. [Photography: Tom Oxley Photography]