In stark contrast to the surrounding traditional architecture from the 19th and 20th century, this villa in Bilthoven, the Netherlands showcases a highly modern design. The project was recently completed by Clijsters Architectuur Studio and showcases an irregular shape, with distinct geometric protuberances adding up to the main white volume. With an inspiring placement in the center of the property, the building is completely surrounded by green outdoor spaces.

All interiors are generously-sized and flooded in natural light, due to the 22-metre-long glass front, opening up the living zones towards the terrace. The architects further explain that “the focal point on the ground floor is the open kitchen, around which the dining and living areas are grouped. Also glazed, the study, which faces the street, is protected from inquisitive eyes by an expanded mesh grille. The upper floor is divided into areas for the children and for the parents”. [Photography: Jean-Martin Clijsters]