Set in a rough, yet spectacular landscape, with a neighboring 250-foot drop to the Pacific Ocean, Fall House by Fougeron Architecture is a one-of-a-kind vacation retreat: “The long, thin volume of the house conforms to the natural contours of the land and the geometries of the bluff, deforming its shape and structure in response. In this way, the complex structural system applies natural forms to accommodate the siting. The main bearing system of the house is set back twelve feet from the bluff, both to protect the cliff’s delicate ecosystem and to ensure the structure’s integrity and safety”.

One of the facades was left transparent, in order to reveal ocean and coastline views, while the opposite was clad in copper. The building is composed of two rectangular volumes connected by a glass “buffer zone”, which hosts the library. The most dramatic interior of the house is probably the cantilevered master bedroom, offering breathtaking ocean views from its floor-to-ceiling windows.