Integrated in a picturesque Austrian landscape, above a lovely looking church at the foot of the Pfänder mountainside in Bregenz, this residence by Marte.Marte Architekten inspires modern elegance. The retreat has identical facades on all sides, except for the west side of the house facing the lake. Concrete and glass were the materials employed for the finishing touch, the white plaster ensuring a lovely contrast with the vivid green in summer and camouflaging the building in its environment during winter.

The uneven terrain was a challenge creatively met by the architects: “Owing to the steep slope of the property, two of the four levels are cut into the hillside. Users coming home by bicycle or car enter the house by the driveway, which is a little below road level, and then disappear into a spacious, multi-functional room. Visitors arriving on foot reach the front door by climbing the stairs on the north side. A granny flat on this level offers users a variety of options for the future”. The bedroom level above is reachable via a central staircase tower. Minimalist interiors offer wonderful views of the surroundings and an overall feeling of neatness. [Photos by: Marc Lins]