The MRQT Boutique’s design in Stuttgart was completed this year by ROK, an architectural office focusing on special design solutions for interiors. The store’s unique design refers to a wall containing 22.000 wooden sticks with individual directions and of various lengths. The wall’s entire surface is “decorated” with a fur-like beech wood installation while the rest of the store is characterized by minimalism. Clothes are neatly displayed on simple metallic hangers while the centre of the boutique remains open. “Display stands and shelving in beech wood match the material of the wall installation. Together with the minimalistic interior space featuring white walls and a grinded concrete floor, the store develops a warm and inviting atmosphere for the customers browsing through a well-curated selection of premium street-wear brands.”

Very youthful and urban and perfectly adapted for the targeted customers, MRQT Boutique is a cool place to shop. Rigid forms meet smooth textures, concrete intersects with wood. A contrast highlighted by the exposure of items. What I like most about this store is that it “breathes”, placing you, the client, in the centre of it. It allows you to move freely and relax while shopping without being overwhelmed by the overexposure of products.