Longhi Architects designed this spectacular house with a futuristic look in La Planicie, Lima (Peru). The clients, when asked what exactly are they hoping for, replied that they wanted a home “for ever”, a place so nice and comfortable that would make them spend the rest of their lives there. Such a nice thought! Along with clients, who were extremely thrilled to share their thoughts with someone who was perfectly capable to understand their vision, the architect responsible with the new project understood that this was his opportunity to outline the values of an ancestral contemporary architectural project.

The house boasts several 3D-like volumes and some interesting circular ornaments encompassing the side windows of the house. Seen from distance, the peculiar home looks like a spaceship, due to the futuristic elements defining it. “The metaphor for the design was to imagine that a big ancestral rock was foundin the site andneeded to be carved in order to accommodate the living spaces.The carving of the spaces would generate interesting “built in” furniture with strong texture to be assorted with other natural and artificial materials in order fortheallegorystone to remain as natural as possible to eventually be perceived as part of the owner’s desired garden.” Photo credit: Juan Solano.