3D SURFACE is an innovation which arose from a meeting between three experienced craftsmen: Romano Zenoni and Alessandro and Stefano Fazzuoli. The combination of texture, shapes and materials especially developed by the company led to the creation of artistic wall panels, ideal for any modern decor. Thanks to the clever use of ceramic coated fiber-reinforced mortar solutions for interior and exterior, the surfaces can be used in any environment. Have a look at the elegant designs below and let us know your thoughts:

The dry land is a source of inspiration and gives life to a multiple variety of effects.

Arianna is a panel characterized by a continuous curl that grows on the wall with continuity:

A wall of bamboo canes covers the panel, a perfect example of organic design suitable for any environment.

Caos is characterized by a precise geometry. Light plays a fundamental role, giving the panel a strong personality.

This wall is covered with soft cushions that fill the texture with softness and elegance.

he waves of sand created by the wind inspire Deserto. The texture recalls natural scenarios:

TA living garden that climbs up the wall. Sinuous lines grow continuously creating elegant and refined effects.

Thousand lines outline specific scenarios, the rigorous motif meets the harmony of the small waves that compose the texture.

A wavy texture recreates an idea of the sea’s movement with horizontal surfaces that suits any ambient

Like a curtain the surface of ONDA develops a soft pattern that easily blends with the architecture surroundings. It’s vertical texture creates an optical effect

Thanks to defined cuts the decoration of this panel becomes a futuristic texture with a strong aesthetic feature:

The surface moves and ripples as a fluid creating a continuous solid curtain. The non-uniform development of the folds allows the endless vision of this continuous surface.

A new coating composed by small, soft, square pillows. Elegance and gentleness freely express themselves. Thanks to its compact size the texture easily adjusts to any environment.