From all of the radios produced between the 1930’s and 1940’s, Paul Sanders finds the ones that have eye-appeal. He restores radios with only the best art deco and mid-century design from the Golden Era of radio. In Paul’s words, “Its not always the most expensive, or the best performing model. Often they came from small companies struggling to compete. The independence of design is very often missing from today’s mass produced and mass marketed items from a shrinking pool of manufacturers.”

On top of being authentic art deco and mid-century design pieces, the radios are also functional for the modern home. Paul can include an MP3 player modification on almost any radio. Plug in and experience today’s music on a vintage radio. Each radio is an individual work of art. Ranging in size from small table top radios to full chairside cabinets, the makers include big names like Zenith and Crosley, as well as lesser known players. Paul keeps an archive of all the radios he has restored in an online Antique Radio Museum for art deco and mid-century aficionados. [Information and photos provided via e-mail 

by Karen Boehl]