This 1950’s semi-detached house located in Silchester Park, Dublin, Ireland needed a small upgrade. The owners wanted to transform a little bit their home into a brighter and more breezy living space, so the team of architects responsible with the project, GKMP Architects, came up with the following solution: a modern extension to the existing house. Parts of the new addition were covered in terracotta tiles that resembled to bricks, for a more traditional look. “The timber roof of the extension is covered in sedum to have a visual connection with the garden when viewed from the upper floor. A rooflight is made at the point of connection between the new and the existing to pull light into the plan.”

Inside, wood and the same terracotta tiles define the space. Basically, the extension was envisioned as a transition area, connecting the big house with the courtyard. It now houses the kitchen and a small living area. Since the building of the extension, the new living area became the family’s favourite spot in the house. Photo credit: Alice Clancy