Located directly at the border between Vienna and Lower Austria, Haus Hainbach was especially designed by MOOSMANN Architects to serve as a summer retreat. The project features a distinct geometry and a simple layout, as the owners spend their winters in their inner-city penthouse, with no need for elaborate living spaces during their nature getaways. Wood and glass were used extensively in order to integrate the building in its lush environment. A partially cantilevered roof protects against powerful sun rays.

According to the architects, the draft concept envisioned “two horizontal slabs (roof + floor) that are linked at the back by a wooden box. The elongated box defines the backbone of the house and accommodates all technical and functional rooms such as utilities, bathroom, WC and two bedrooms. The functional box is preceded by a large living area that is completely glazed on three sides”. The constructions is encircled by a wooden deck which further expands into the terrace. [Photography: Manfred Seidl]