Casa Río Hondo is a fine example of contemporary architecture. The home was designed by a.a.a Almazán y Arquitectos Asociados in México City, to meet the expectations of the owners, who wanted a house that connects. By connects, I mean a place that brings together people and spaces, a unitary and harmonious living environment, that makes the inhabitants feel more relaxed and joyful. The property covers an area of 7,300 square feet and it boasts a remarkable interior, unveiling several open spaces. The light circulates freely throughout the house, enhancing the feeling of openness and luminosity. There are no walls to delimit the rooms, which is great, because it allows you to visualise at a glance, the entire ground floor.

The living spaces are organised around a central hallway. The minimalist black stairs lead to the upper floors. The great thing about this open plan living space concept is that if you find yourself in this central section (this atrium area), you can observe the “chemistry” of the entire house. How cool is that?! You see the light slowly drifting throughout the house, the stairs, the breezy rooms and the interior bridges that link the upper floors between them.