Located near Palma de Mallorca’s city centre (Spain), Casa 212 is a fantastic rectangular-shaped house, a project designed by Alfonso Reina. A clean all-white exterior impresses the viewer from the very beginning. The house looks like an exclusive resort, that takes advantage of the natural surroundings: a valley of pine and almond trees. The all-white residence is not a house that overwhelms the viewer with (complex) details. It boasts concise lines and several open plan living areas.

The ground floor accommodates a stylish modernly decorated living area. It plays the role of a unified extensive lobby that includes the living room, the kitchen and the dinning room. Despite the abundance of white (which makes the space look a little bit sterile), Casa 212 is a dynamic home. Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors replace the walls on one side, allowing you to explore visually the terrace and the swimming pool area, without encountering obstructions of any kind. The master bedroom, located on the upper floor, has a south orientation, overlooking the forest. It’s the best view one can get! What’s really beautiful, it’s the contrast created by the architect between the antique architectural lines of the city and the contemporary design lines of the house. Photo credits: José Hevia.