Located in the exquisite city of Sydney, the Tennyson Point Residence is an inspiring multi-level luxury home. The house was designed by CplusC Architectural Workshop to meet the expectations of the clients. An energy-efficient (sustainable) home, that opens up to the harbour and surprises some of the most amazing views, breezy and welcoming – that’s what the clients had in mind. The challenge what to capture the essence of the clients’ suggestions and to deliver a warm, inviting, yet solid and well-constructed waterfront house. The frontage is neat and elegant, blending two types of materials. The back of the house unveils a less compact structure: cut outs, terraces, open plan areas. Less urban and more exotic.

“This multi-level home is arranged over four levels that cascade from street level down to the water front edge through a series of lofty indoor and outdoor living spaces, revealing unique views of the harbour site.” The house’s greatest asset is the view and the unpretentiously-relaxing deck, with rusting nuances. The internal planning is divided into private and sun-lit recreation areas. The bedrooms are located on the upper floor, being connected to the outdoor through a transitory area, a small and coquette terrace. Photo credit: Clinton Cole.