Located in Minnesota, United States, the Edgewater Residence designed and developed by the creative team at Rosenow | Peterson Design displays a highly modern architecture. The two-storey single family was built on a partially elevated terrain, just one of the features that make it look different from every standpoint. Steel, glass, stone and wood were all used to some extent in order to create a strong exterior personality. The main entrance is hinted by stairs penetrating in the perfectly manicured front lawn.

As you step inside, you can witness the overwhelming effect of floor-to-ceiling windows offering unobstructed water views. The tall ceilings and glass walls give the open plan living room an imposing feel, while the contemporary furniture arrangements complete the image of an elegant living space. Some of the materials employed for the exterior finishes can also be spotted indoors. We particularly enjoy the stone fireplace wall and the integration of wood in various furniture designs.