Part of the residential complex Sparrow Hills in Moscow, this apartment is characterized by a minimalist contemporary style. By optimizing its 60 square meter surface, designer Alexandra Fedorova managed to deliver a bright and spacious crib, in a highly elegant manner. The color palette was kept simple, composed only of neutral hues, such as white, light gray, charcoal gray for a special accent wall. Dark wood flooring completes the color scheme, adding an interesting visual contrast.

The rich geometry of the place and the dynamic color shifts create a special rhythm, one that guests here will surely find captivating. The layout of the apartment includes well defined functional living zones: kitchen, dining room, living area, bedroom, bathroom and dressing room. From glass furniture to stools with leather upholstery, the variety of texture is eye-catching and inspiring. Enjoy the photos and tell us if there are any other design details you enjoy about this place!