A home is the only place where you feel in peace with the world, no matter what your brain and heart dictate you. It’s the place that (metaphorically) whispers: “Keep calm and have a break. Relax and enjoy the small things in life”. A home is more than just a regular house. A home is the place that defines you and reflects your true personality. Now, in the enchanting region of  Carinthia, Austria, we’ve spotted an amazing dream home, called Haus Am See, designed by Spado Architects. With a modern design and a breathtaking view, Haus Am See is an inspiration for those who love modern architecture.

The back of the house accommodates a courtyard and a fancy small terrace. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the morning coffee while admiring the lake’s tranquility.The house is surrounded by a maze of greenery. This means that everywhere you look, you recharge yourself with positive energy. The interior is very stylish and bright, neatly decorated in neutral tones of colour. The kitchen is quite simple and minimalistic: few ornament and simplified shapes define it. Photo credit: Kurt Kuball