Combining Finnish heritage and London upbringing, designer Ian Cameron of Cameron Design House creates bespoke lighting that is uniquely natural in design. Using a combination of natural and man-made materials, the studio produces beautiful, contemporary designs that maintain a strong sculptural aesthetic. Each and every light is meticulously designed and produced in the Cameron Design House studio and showroom, located in North West London UK.

Hanko Large (photos below) is made up of 80 individually cut plywood pieces, held together by a cast acrylic suspension frame. It measures 67cm in diameter and is suspended on three ceiling mounted steel cables. The electricity that powers the 12v circular LED tube light is supplied through the suspension cables.

Imatra is made up of four sets of hemispheres: two internal sets, which hold the internal LED lighting, and two exterior sets, which encase the wiring and suspension cables that are sandwiched between the two walls of aluminium. This allows Imatra to hang without visibly showing its bulbs and wiring.

Kotka is made up of 160 individually cut American Black Walnut fins, held together by a two-part acrylic frame that measures 900mm in diameter. The upright wooden fins suspend a 12v LED tube light. This light is simple, yet boasts a stunning contemporary elegance. It is suspended by three steel cables mounted to an acrylic body that carry the 12v power supply, this gives the design the appearance of floating in the room.

Lahti is a contemporary and beautifully elegant light, suspended from 3 steel cables caring the electricity supply for the internal LED lighting system. This light is dazzling and always a focal point for any room. It goes great above the dinning table or equally at home in the bedroom.

Tomio is made by layering 16 square metres of felted English wool around a circular aluminium frame, with a hidden internal LED tubular bulb. The lights suspension wires carry the 12v electricity to power the bulb. Tomio is lit from the inside, creating a warm, gentle interior glow, making it ideal for mood lighting or reading. [Photography and information provided via e-mail by Cameron Design House]