Casa del Agua is an imposing residence, an all-white rectangular building to be more specific,, with a neat exterior and a stylish interior. An inspiring waterspace accompanies the entry and makes you instantly think of zen living. Placed in the picturesque region of Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, this particularly beautiful project, designed by Almazán Arquitectos, is rich in well-defined volumes. The spaciousness and the breeziness are two of the house’s main assets. The entrance of the house is marked through a wooden path. The very smooth transition between the interior and the exterior is made through cut outs and open plan living areas. 

It is interesting how nature became an inspiration for the indoor environment: the rocks and the pebbles became elements of décor, plants are sprinkled all over the house, adding a touch of green and rejuvenating the space and last, but not least, wood is more than just a material used for furnishing. Casa del Agua is a bright inspiring place. It favours natural ventilation and  emphasises the concept of sustainable comfort. Overall, the house surprises you with the elegance of simplicity and the outstanding furniture which blends perfectly with different type of finishings. Photo credit: Jorge Moreno