Stacked planks have never looked more appealing, you’ve got to agree with me on this one! The Mexican designer, Hector Esrawe, presented recently his latest work, a  black-lacquered sideboard that integrates with ease …raw wooden planks. The “eccentric” piece of furniture is ideal to decorate any minimalist space. Artful and neat, Stack Buffet (funny name, I have to say) is guarded on one side by something that appears to be an irregular pile of wooden panels, creating a strong contrast between the sideboard’s dark elegant design line and the rustic industrial-like nuance.

What I like most about the Stack Buffet is the collision of styles. At the intersection of minimalism and industrial are originality and functionality. Quite surprising, the wooden planks are no planks at all, but drawers. I honestly appreciate this creative approach and find this piece of furniture fun and inspiring.