When Villa S was bought, the clients were almost sure that they didn’t want to spend their lives in an environment that did not inspire them. A home is all about feeling comfortable and safe. A wise man once said that home is where the heart is. So, it’s a matter of feelings and harmony. Since harmony plays such an important role in people’s lives, a home has to exude a certain atmosphere that encourages joyfulness and positive thoughts. TWO IN A BOX – ARCHITEKTEN ZT GMBH, the team responsible with the project replaced the wrecked elements of the home. Villa S, located in Upper, Austria, became a bright living environment, with a contemporary design.

“On top of the old basement with a wonderful winding staircase a new building was placed hovering above the garden. The villa is L-shaped and aligned to the south-west featuring generous glazing to the porch in front of the house and a garden with water areas.” The improved version of Villa S features two floors: the ground floor, accommodating the lounge-living areas and the upper floor, integrating the bedrooms. The ground floor also houses a private wellness area. Vertical shutters add a sense of privacy, for the house itself exudes transparence (some of the walling being replaced with glass).