Very modern, stylish and inspirational, this amazing apartment designed by MSWW is located in Gdynia, Poland. A little bit eclectic, due to the special integrated lighting system, the interior exhales brightness and sophistication. The white décor is “shadowed” by orange accents which define the apartment’s youthful and vibrant design line. The furniture follows a certain minimalist direction without being simplistic. Quite spacious, the living room integrates a very modern fireplace. Behind each furniture peace, there are LEDs, that can be adjusted depending on one’s preferences. The particular lighting aims to create a special atmosphere. In the middle of the living room there’s a disco-like circular rug and a luscious all-white round table.

The kitchen area looks very stylish and minimalist and it perfectly complements the living room’s décor. Most of the items “sprinkled” throughout this apartment have rounded corners, inspiring a certain warmth and coziness. The Gdynia apartment is definitely a cool place to live in, ideal for a young individual that loves style and comfort. What do you think? Do you like it?