This fresh apartment in Johanneberg, Gothenburg is an example of Swedish design at its best. Located in a corner house built in the functionalist 1930s, the crib maintains some charming traditional features. The meticulously renovated rooms have several tall windows, high ceilings and solid pieces of marble. Discovered on Alvhem, these tasteful living spaces surprise mostly due to their playful decorations. Some of the highlights are a lavish kitchen in white, a round window next to the home office space and a wallpaper by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen.

The apartment features 2,5 rooms, a kitchen, a generously-sized welcoming hallway and a terrace with expansive city views. The living room was intentionally left uncrowded, diverting attention towards the dining zone and balcony. Natural light is considered a precious resource in Sweden, probably why all the rooms in this apartment feature large windows. Enjoy the unabridged creativity this place exudes and let us know what design elements you find appealing.