These lovely photos we received from Richard and Fernanda Gamba were taken in Chez Ric & Fer, a bed&breakfast in France. Even though all the guest rooms here look amazing, my attention was triggered by this unusual attic room, which the owners recently completed. Here are some details on the project: “The high standing Bed & Breakfast Chez Ric et Fer is located in Coucy le Château, one of the loveliest medieval towns in Northern France, right in the heart of World War I’s trench warfare places.

The house was Fernanda’s dream house when she was a child. We love welcoming people and having wonderful encounters, so after opening our cottage last year (La Terrasse de Coucy), we decided to open a Bed & Breakfast at home. We didn’t leave anything to chance while choosing the design of the Suites, mixing modern and vintage design elements. We like roundness and colors. We also are music lovers, and we’re fans of French Teppaz turntables, so we put one in every room. We love instant photography. When people stay at our Bed & Breakfast, they leave with their own portrait taken with our vintage Polaroid cameras, it makes a great souvenir, and we can share these good memories with them”. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Richard and Fernanda Gamba]