This unusual 3000 square feet leisure area has been custom-designed by lighting interior designer Ben Rousseau for a client who is an is an enthusiast of urban and contemporary art. He uses the space to relax, party and play games. He also owns an Aston Martin DB4 and an underground car port has been designed as one of the central features. A set of laser beams has been created to encircle the vehicle, so it could look like a protective force field.

Main feature of the lounge is a color-changing INSA bubble chair (also designed by Ben Rousseau) and a matching coffered ceiling with the same striking graphic illuminated by two levels of color-changing LEDS around each step, whilst the cocktail bar in pearled and silver flecked Tadelac has strips of warm white LED lighting to make the most of the multifaceted angles of the counter. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Ben Rousseau]