Designed by Keller Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Keller Kimbrew Residence is a fresh and modern three-storey home with a view, being surrounded by lush vegetation. The house is characterised by a modern and simple design, bright interiors and a magnificent garden. The interior feels relaxed and breezy and it definitely enhances the idea of space: the ceilings are extremely high, the walls are white and the natural light floods the entire living area. The kitchen, the dining area and the living room are one. Basically, the entire ground floor is envisioned as a unitary living space. The lounge/living room accommodates also a fireplace. Picture this: a cold autumn day, with colourful dry leaves that playfully float into the air, a steaming hot cup of lemon tea and the warmth of the fireplace. What a luminous and welcoming home we’re having here!

Very interesting and dynamic, the square-shaped (white and luscious with a little bit of wood) staircase allows vertical circulation throughout the house. The mature trees and the neat turf, as well as the lovely alley that carries your steps to the entrance of the house create a wonderful picturesque view. The garden is very relaxing and it adds a real sense of privacy.