CH House in Tel Aviv, Israel displays a minimalist design and simple exterior finishes in white plaster, iron and glass. The project developing team at Domb Architects constructed this imposing residence over an existing built skeleton of the family’s former crib: “The new design uses a strong architectural language that distincts the volumes of the building and hides the old columns and ceilings. Because of the low ceiling height we had to redesign the lighting system and the air conditioning wisely, not to lower the ceilings (air condition hides in the walls)”, explained the architects.

A large swimming pool reflects the front of the house, while also creating white noise that disconnects the living room from the noisy road. A floating wooden bridge leads the way to the front door. Each of the rooms of CH House is well connected to the neighboring garden, through generously-sized windows. The residence seems to revolve around a central transparent staircase connecting the different spaces of the open ground floor: living room and family room, front dining room, kitchen, pantry and outside kitchen. Second floor accommodates a master bedroom with a large terrace overlooking the garden.