An arching corrugated metal roof rises from a grassy slope in East Hampton, New York, USA. The original looking Arc House was completed by studio Maziar Behrooz Architecture for a couple and their two dogs. It has two levels and a total surface of 6,400 square feet (595 square meters). Its industrial appearance is a result of adapting the residence to its site, located under a flight path of the local airport and close to a train track.

According to the architects, the challenge was to “find a scale for the arch that would transform this building system into an intimate and enclosed space. At a radius of 39’ with a peak ceiling height of 16’, we felt the building would be small enough to feel comfortable and yet have a sense of largeness associated with its uninterrupted ceiling curve”. While the arch contains the living, dining and kitchen areas in an open plan, the rest of the house situated in the lower volume accommodates an office, a sitting room, a garage and work out areas.