Spotted first on Yatzer, the exclusive Aman Canale Grande Hotel is the place to stay when in Venice. Undoubtably, the so called Floating City is one of the most amazing places to visit, due to the romance surrounding it, its unique water canals, the historical buildings, its bridges and the stories. “Venice is a fabled destination with a glorious past. A city in northeast Italy, it is built atop 118 small islands separated by winding canals and linked by arching bridges. Once a major power in the Mediterranean, it is known today for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks.” The perfect spot to enjoy a memorable sunset, watching the sun slowly drifting into the water while feeling the scent of summer, this amazing city offers plenty of possibilities. For those in search of unique luxury experiences, we recommend to start their journey throughout Venice at the imposing and seductive Aman Canale Grande Hotel

A historical building, one of those places that reflect the wealth and the well-being of the old rich families, Palazzo Papadopoli houses the Aman resort. Built in the 16th century, the Palazzo features also two gardens, which is quite an interesting phenomenon, because rarely you’ll see green oasis in this city. At the hotel, one arrives (as expected) by boat. As soon as you step inside, the atmosphere overwhelms you. Frescos, reliefs, chandeliers, ballrooms, exclusive furniture – everything exudes luxury and elegance. Some of the rooms provide amazing views of the Grand Canal. Each room is unique and exclusive: from high ceilings to spectacular chandeliers, fireplaces like works of art, frescos and amazing decorations.