Usually they say that successful interiors are a beneficial combination of environmentally friendly contemporary decorative materials, design furniture, sanitary equipment and home appliances. Nevertheless, the interior of  an apartment located in the heart of Kiev’s historical district has a much more valuable treasure – an idea. A young creative couple had been looking for an architect, when their designer friend recommended them Alex Bykov. After a fruitful discussion of suggestions and proposals the concept of “constant motion” was born.

The concept of movement appears through the spacial design areas such as the bedroom, the lounge, the library and the bathroom are located surrounding the kitchen, the historical symbol of the “family’s heart”. So you can move from one room to another in an uninterrupted circle, since the spaces flows smoothly into each other. The interior has a cozy warm coloring due to the pastel brick walls, the natural texture of wood and soft furniture. The built-in library – a primary wish of the couple, was designed to house  the family library. Alex also designed all the furniture and prepared individual work drawings. The woodwork was made from low cost materials.

Artificial lighting is dim, warm and comfortable. Decorative lamps are by Ukrainian designers Anna Popovych and Vasyliy Butenko; the ceiling lamp, which were presented to the newly-weds by close friends as a wedding gift, are by ‘Artemide’. Wrought-iron products also bespoke immediately grab attention: the legs for the coffee and dining tables, a mirror in the bedroom, a sleeve for the hood and a window . [Photos and information provided via e-mail by architect and photographer Alex Bykov]