Glamuzina Paterson Architects completed the design of a highly welcoming residence located in a lush green environment in New Zealand.  The Blackpool House has a total surface of 81 square meters and its “vertical” architecture approach responds to the topography of the site: “The southern wall is conceived as a defensive wall anchoring the building into the site, and setting up a layering of the space within. The entry compresses you on arrival, followed by a sense of expansion offered by the interior double height space beyond.”

The tower accommodates a couple’s bedroom, and was completed on a very modest budget. According to the architects, “the house consists of four interior split levels and two decks that allow for varying connections to the landscape, with kitchen and dining on one level and living below. The second floor has a bedroom and bathroom with a mezzanine library on the stair landing“. Interior design combines modern minimalism with traditional decors, resulting in practical, yet very warm living spaces.