Framed with vegetation, the imposing Valacco Cordova House represents a lovely summer escape, a getaway home, filled with light, brightness and warmth. Quite inspirational and smartly designed,  this exciting residence located in Costa Cachagua in Zapallar, Valparaíso Region, Chile, is a fine example of “how to fight” against the sun’s strong radiations using nothing but the unbeatable force of greenery. The house is placed in an idyllic spot, close to the seashore, overlooking the blue horizon. It takes advantage of the beautiful surroundings and it offers some of the most amazing panoramic views. The exciting project was designed and completed in 2012 by Juan Carlos Sabbagh.

“Deciduous creepers and plants wrap the house and views, adding bioclimatic passive protection against strong sun radiation. In the summer, the creepers will hang from the planters and climb the parasol walls covering them with green leaves, bringing its shade, while in winter the leaves will change to red and then disappear to allow the house to absorb the sun’s heat.”  A lovely lounge area, where one can sit, relax while enjoying coffee and the sun completes the décor. The interior exudes a raw industrial style, being warmed only by the views.