The Locus Seat and Standing Desk is designer Martin Keen’s first venture into furniture design. Keen, the founder of the $350 million global brand Keen Footwear, found working while seated in an office chair was uncomfortable and interfering with his work. Standing to work helped, but it wasn’t ideal. The solution, he discovered, was to split the difference between sitting and standing. After countless prototypes, he created the sleek Locus seat that creates a position which allows the body to lean at a comfortable supported angle, while the back naturally settles into a healthy, neutral position. This new active and engaged position helps maintain both energy and focus throughout the day.

The Locus Seat, which can be used with any standing desk, and the adjustable height Locus standing desk, which can be used flat or inclined as a drafting table, have won top industry awards in Ergonomics and Innovation. Both provide a modern and flexible alternative to those wanting a healthier and more comfortable way to work in the digital age. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Martin Keen]