With a funny name and an interesting L-shaped structure, Containerlove is an exciting and less typical residential project. Located in Kall, Eifel, Germany, the house is placed in a rural landscape, pointing out the advantage of being compact, easy to mount and eco-friendly. Designed by LHVH Architekten, Containerlove is a permanent home and not a temporary housing solution. “After detailed planning and a four-week production phase, the containers were delivered and mounted and the residents could even move in on the same day.”

Despite the rigid look, the atypical house is quite warm, generously spacious and welcoming on the inside. Playful and colourful objects embellish the interior, emphasising its dynamic and lively character. The entire living space is envisioned as a fluid, unitary space. Since the house appeared overnight, the neighbours were, of course, more than surprised, to admire a new structure made out of containers, placed strategically on a regular plot of land, being surrounded by cow fields, woods, and houses with saddle roofs. They soon got used to it and perceived it as something positive.