By incorporating two volumes set at different levels, House 780 sets apart from the other neighboring residential buildings in Manchester, England. Taking full advantage of the topography of the site, the project features a highly original layout and offers stunning views across the surrounding Cheshire landscape. The 5,005 square foot house by British architectural firm Stephenson ISA Studio is accessed via two bridges, one concrete vehicle bridge into the upper level garage and a glass pedestrian bridge onto the mezzanine floor.

The client’s wish was to live in a home that it is “simple in its detail and appearance”. As a result,  “all the grilles associated with the air conditioning, blind boxes, glazing frames, door frames, and storage spaces have been designed so that they are not visible, and do not detract from the simple form and clean lines of the building, and its surrounding views”. An extensive use of oak softens the appearance of the exterior facades and ensures a welcoming atmosphere.