Welcome to an eclectic apartment where light and color reveal ultimate glamorous arrangements. Decorated with wallpapers, furniture and fabrics from the United States, the place could be easily mistaken for a Manhattan loft, even though its location is in the heart of Moscow. Designer Kirill Istomin wanted to create a perfect living retreat for a family with two children, where the feelings of “sun and joy” would take center stage. Therefore, many fresh colors were used: walls and ceilings display juicy lime, soft lilac and ripe cranberries.

A collection of works by famous artists of the twentieth century enhances the interior design scheme. Bright paintings in bright frames complete the dynamic colorful environment. A wallpaper with large pattern was used to adorn two walls in the living room, as well as the ceilings in the lobby and dressing room. It is incredible how, despite the abundance of colors and patterns, the apartment looks airy and aesthetically appealing. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Kirill Istomin]