When it comes to this highly contemporary home in Israel envisioned by the architects at Pitsou Kedem, nothing seems common or modest. A frontal courtyard excavated to a depth of three meters and a second courtyard at the level of the building’s ground level originally flank the house “This provides a feeling that the space is constantly enveloped by natural light and the greenery of the trees“, explained the architects. A narrow infinity pool adds up to the outdoor features of the property and contribute to the overall geometry.

The most striking element of the project is probably the six-meter-high living area. According to the official description, there are no pillars in the space and the entire front is transparent with glass windows that slide apart with the aid of an electric motor: “Thus, the entire interior of the home opens into the courtyard and the border between inside and outside is cancelled.” All the rooms are glazed from floor to ceiling, offering unobstructed views of the courtyards and swimming pool.