Imagine yourself rocking the world, enjoying the skyline of a super crowded town, filled with skyscrapers, from the intimacy of your fifth floor swimming pool. This is not just a random thought, that crosses our minds, just like any other impossible dream, but reality. Some people, when building their homes, take into account all sorts of details, from design and comfort, to sustainability and views. When you’re living in a big city such as  Tel Aviv, the urban landscape overwhelms you. And since it does that, why not exploit this side of it? The best way to enjoy the city without actually feeling like a tourist in it, is to have a home that actually captures the very essence of it. Here’s a fine example: the Tel Aviv Town House 1 is a project defined by  Studio Pitsou Kedem Architects in a tranquil neighbourhood. Its particularity consists of having a very interesting swimming pool, located at the fifth (and last) floor of the building.

Now, the house itself looks fantastic, feels uncluttered and it features a very modern design style. On the outside, it looks like a regular five-storey home, but as soon as you explore it on the inside, you realise that there’s something catchy about it. Its fifth floor is dedicated to relaxation. You’ve got an open plan living room and an infinity pool on the terrace. The lowers floors also feature floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing the sun to flood the interior and create a bright living environment.