Providing an excellent living environment, this playful apartment located behind Rabin Square, in the centre of Tel Aviv, is currently for sale for $1.9 million. The Agency  is the real estate company responsible with the selling, so in case you have some questions or doubts, you can find out more about this property, on the website.”This is a fabulous location for a cultured lifestyle offering 24 hour restaurants, bars and supermarkets nearby.” The apartment was named TLV Get Away for it is a place, lively and enchanting, that disconnects you from the city’s rushed vibe and introduces into a world of positive thoughts, boosting your creativity and keeping your mind occupied with lively decorations. This is possible through design, colours and those elements of décor, that define the place as a home. Despite being small and compact, the interior looks very neat and it feels uncluttered. There are no sharp corners, only rounded surfaces. This makes the place look cozy and warm.

The interior is almost “wrapped” in wood. There are no doors, only a partition that adds a sense of privacy for the bedroom area. Quirky decorations embellish the living space: from funny toys, to distinguishably shaped vases – there are several decorative elements to stimulate and even boost your creativity. This living environment is perfect for a young person, in search of an inspiring fresh home.