Some of the best living spaces, the homes we cherish and preserve as shelters that bring us peace and tranquility, are the ones that exhale life and brightness. When a home is located nearby a maze of greenery, the inhabitants instantly feel the (positive) effect of it. It’s “hard to resist” its charms. The more oxygen, the better. A perfect balanced home is a home surrounded by lush vegetation, where one can enjoy a beautiful view, fresh air, a breezy, uncluttered environment, warm and comfortable. The way a place makes you feel defines it. If that place makes you feel happy, like you’ve never felt before, dear, that is home. DIALOG, a Vancouver-based firm that strives to “dance in the intersection of art and science” designed the Southlands Residence, a lovely home, nestled “into a mature, heavily vegetated corner site in Vancouver’s historical Dunbar-Southlands neighborhood.”

“The house is designed around the structural grid established by an earlier residence. While remnants of original footings and columns remain, the Southlands Residence reinterprets the competing notions of privacy and exposure facing the well-travelled location.” Wood is the main material used in defining the style and the decorations: from the exposed beams, to strips of wood on the walls and most of the furniture, the love for wood is definitely noteworthy.