Surrounded by lush vegetation, the volumetric Portola Valley House is one of the most recent projects completed by Mark Brand Architecture. Their work consisted of redesigning an old 1980’s home, with a dull exterior and an inexpressive interior. As the name already explains it, the house is located in Portola Valley, California. Soon after realising that the house needs a serious modern upgrade, the clients contacted a series of experts. The team responsible with the renewal, an award-winning San Francisco-based studio, after talking with the clients, decided to replace some of the old rooms with new living areas.

Here’s how the architects justify the changes: “We opened up the floor plan and completely demolished the sunroom, replacing it with a new dining room open to the remodelled living room and kitchen. We added a new office and deck above the new dining room and replaced all of the exterior windows, mostly with oversized sliding aluminium doors by Fleetwood to open the house up to the wooded hillside setting. Stainless steel railings protect the inhabitants where the sliding doors open more than 50 feet above the ground below.” The interior feels neat, stylish and uncluttered, enhancing the feeling of breeziness and creating a relaxed ambience. The view is one of this house’s greatest assets.