With an interesting design, this summer house completed by  Tham & Videgård Arkitekter is located in the city of of Lagnö, Sweden. The project aims to reconnect the inhabitants with the natural landscape. An open plan living space welcomes you, offering a surprising view and memorable sunsets. The seafront, the lush vegetation, the tranquility, the breeziness, the warmth and the simplicity are elements that build up this spectacular relaxing living environment. The house’s unique design consists of a series of zig-zagging rooftops, which transform the interior into dynamic living spaces, boasting different heights. There’s little furniture inside, but just enough to sit and relax and maybe enjoy a good book while observing the breathtaking landscape.

Characterised by a simple concept and a minimalist design line, the summer house displays a series of  concrete volumes with gabled roofs and a glass-covered terrace. The walls are on one side replaced by sliding doors, allowing the light to flood the interior and create a bright atmosphere. Despite the massive use of concrete, the living environment does not inspire coldness. It’s a vivid, warm and bright place.