Meet the Odessa restaurant, located in Kiev’s city centre. Opened back in 1962, it has recently suffered some transformations, in order to fit the modern times. The restaurant has kept some of its old fascinating flair, such as the coziness, but it became brighter and more vivid. Where the “Odessa” name came from, anyway?  YOD Design Lab, the studio in charge with the renewal, explains: “Odessa is a rather original city, with its inexpressible ethnic flavour and centuries-old history, which is located at the seaside of the Black Sea in the South of Ukraine. You can truly understand and come to love Odessa only once you have visited it.

This is why we didn’t aim at simply reproducing the spirit of this unique city. Instead, we were trying to identify invisible associative links through which the bright image of the place would be formed.” The entire place is decorated with ropes. A very important role is played by the special lighting system, which creates a special cozy ambience especially in the evenings. The light, the ropes, the wooden furniture, the floor-to-ceiling glass panels – these are the details that define the freshly renewed space and attract the visitors inside.