Designer Stanley Tham of KNQ Associates completed the development of a cozy home for an Indian expat couple in Singapore. This apartment is located on the 15th floor of The Florida condominium at Hougang Avenue 7, and covers an area of about 1300 square feet. Upon entering the house, one comes face to face with a timber trellis divider cum plant stand, which immediately sets the tone of what is to come inside. The interior design adopts a nature-inspired aesthetics, with the prominent use of stone, silk wall-covering and timber elements, coupled with unique furniture finds throughout.

The entire apartment has a contemporary look and is injected with a fair amount of wood and warm, earthy tones. The said divider earlier segregates the dining room from the entrance, keeping away prying eyes when the door is open. The design of the wall panelling to mount the TV, featuring a curved section at one end, was conceptualized partly based on the facing direction requirement of the altar. On the opposite wall, an useful tall cabinet keeps clutter away while offering plenty of storage spaces for the owner’s growing collection of fine wines.

In the kitchen, the original unattractive wall tiles were screed over in order to receive new wall paints. The old kitchen cabinetry was also torn down and reconfigured to fit the needs of the owners better. Beyond the kitchen are the bedrooms, nestled at the back end of the apartment. Each room has been given a different treatment, yet a balance of uniqueness and harmony is conceived for each of these. It was planned to have each individual room make a statement and fit effortlessly into the general look of the house.[Photos and information provided via e-mail by KNQ Associates]