With a strategic location, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the Bronte House is a lovely gorgeous dream home that gives you that particular warm and relaxing feeling that you are being in vacation everyday. Definitely, the house’s main advantage is the view. The deep blue waters reflecting the sky, the patio where one can enjoy all the surprising dusks and dawns, the breeze and the enchanting panoramic views available from the living room represent just a quick preview of what this amazing house has to offer. This residence, envisioned as a getaway home, was designed by Rolf Ockert, in Sydney, Australia.

The project exceeds the client’s expectations. Bronte House is more than just a fine, relaxing home. “Sophisticated simplicity would be the most appropriate motto for the design of this house. Being on a very small block the client’s expectations of the generosity and design standard to be achieved required a very stringent approach.” There’s a lot of “green” going on. The house’s courtyard accommodates several types of plants and it maximises the views over the ocean. Tempered shades of colour define the house’s interior and exterior. The earthy nuances, the timber flooring and the high ceilings exude a natural kind of feel when inside the house. Floor-to-ceiling windows complete the décor.