Remy Meijers decorated the interior of this house, called Manor by the River. An interior is more than just a collection of fine furniture. It has to feel like a second skin. In order to feel like a home, it has to exude calm and serenity. It’s definitely not an easy job to obtain the perfect balance between neat and serene and create that perfect living environment. For Manor by the River, the Dutch designer decided to bring a sense of freedom by playing with height and space. Tall ceilings and wide windows enhance the feeling of breeziness, while the natural soft tones of colour make the interior feel cozy and comfortable.

“This one-hundred-year-old manor, which until recently had been used as office premises, is restored to its former glory. Also the original interior layout was used as the basis for the new floor-plan design. Characteristic features include the wide central corridor on the various levels. Marble floors and ornamental ceilings echo the house’s rich history.” The decoration items, like the vases and the chandeliers, add a touch of sophistication and grace. The furniture feels precious while the kitchen looks fully equipped and modern.