This 2,518 square feet is a project defined by NatureHumaine in Montreal, Canada. The Stacked House‘s exterior, for this is the house’s name, exhibits an interesting blend of materials, each floor boasting different colours and textures and a different type of cladding. The house looks quite compact, despite its total surface. It features four floors, an elegant and uncluttered living environment and a small interior courtyard between the floors. “The site is located in a back alley of Montréal’s Plateau neighborhood and the design reflects the patchwork of extensions and renovations typically found in Plateau alleyways.” 

“The constraints of the site called for a house that was built upwards versus outwards. Four boxes clad in different materials are stacked one on top of the other. A void carved out of the center of the house, provides daylight, ventilation, and private outdoor space.” The house’s structure favours vertical circulation. The furniture is modern and minimalist and the nicest thing of them all is that you can enjoy some moments of relaxation without getting out on the streets of Montreal. The outdoor spaces have metallic floor grids instead of normal floors and that’s quite interesting, due to the fact that it offers an additional sense of transparence.