Keitaro Muto Architects completed the design and development of a contemporary timber home entitled Kawate Residence and located in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The 171 square meter residence is situated between a residential area to the East and rice fields on the North side. An interesting approach was to raise half of the building 1.4m above the ground, giving the impression of a levitating volume. This way, it was possible for the architects to deliver more outdoor open space.

Further details are provided by the project developers: “The section structure is used for a living room with skip floor system, where we created high ceilings of 6.4m. Combining different dimensions of 1.4m, 2.4m, and 6.4m height, it gives a dynamic feeling although this is a compact and simple structure“. A striking minimalism defines the interiors of Kawate Residence, as if emphasizing on the surrounding natural elements beyond the walls.