The enchanting region of Ibiza is the home to some of the wildest parties, being famous for its clubs and nightlife. What few people know is that Ibiza is also blessed with some of the most tranquil and isolated spots, places filled with wilderness, where one can relax, disconnect from problems and forget about the world. This is the side of Ibiza that we want to explore more. We’ve spotted an interesting contemporary residential project developed by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners (AABE) and would like to share it with you. The project is called AIBS House, it sports several volumes, it’s neat and it’s located in the most amazing place on this planet, on a cliff, overlooking the infinite blue water. 

“Just like a path or road which comes to a dead end, the land becomes rippled before turning into a staircase which leads you down to the lower bridge from where you can appreciate the landscape in all its beauty. The living areas are enclosed by a single large window frame. The windows also provide protection against the winds. There are also large windows along the patio which is in an enclosed area.” Each window offers striking beautiful views. The landscape is nothing but amazing and the interior is characterised by simplicity and breeziness. The regular walls are replaced with glass, allowing the sun to flood the living space with light and warmth.